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 +====== FCW ======
 +**FREESTYLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING – 2000/05/06 – Geleen, The Netherlands – “MAYHEM”**\\
 +01. FCW Heavyweight Title: Ulf Hermann vs. Bas van Kunder\\
 +02. GWS Heavyweight Title: Thomas Blade vs. Michael Ripp\\
 +03. TAFKA Lightning Lei vs. Antronimus\\
 +04. The Snake vs. Thunderstorm\\
 +05. NAWA All Star Trophy: Thunder vs. Peacemaker\\
 +06. Battle Royal\\
 +07. NAWA Tag Team Titles: Madd Maxx & Nicky vs. Lost Boy Raven Venture & Sigi The Swisstank\\
 +08. Nicky van Kunder vs. Lula La Mala\\
 +09. FCW European Title – Six Man Elimination Match: Steve Taurus vs. Andy Don D’Angelo vs. El Grande Mastrodiente vs. Green Nasty vs. King Cobra vs. T-Quila\\
 +10. FCW Lightweight Title – Ladder Match: Mot van Kunder vs. Thunderstorm\\
 +11. NAWA Extreme Title: HATE & Tyrant vs. Crazy Captain Chaos & Crazy Johnny Tiger\\
 +12. FCW Heavyweight Title – Three Way Dance: Ulf Hermann vs. Bas van Kunder vs. Mad Cow\\
 +Running Time: 1 Disc – Source: VHS
 +**FREESTYLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING – 2001/02/03 – Voorburg, The Netherlands – “FOREIGN ASSAULT” [2 DISC-SET]**\\
 +01. Battle Royal\\
 +02. FCW Tag Team Title Tournament – Semi-Final: Louis van Eden & Michael Kovac vs. Andy Don D’Angelo & Mad Cow\\
 +03. FCW Tag Team Title Tournament – Semi-Final: Eiji Kuchinawa & German Kid vs. Crazy Johnny Tiger & Marc King\\
 +04. FCW European Title – TLC Match: T-Quila vs. Steve Taurus\\
 +05. Eddy De La Combe vs. The Phantom\\
 +06. SigMasta Rappo & Thomas Blade vs. Messiah & Markus Millenium & Michael Ripp\\
 +07. Nicky & Sonja Schmückel vs. Antronimus & El Grande Mastrodiente\\
 +08. FCW Tag Team Title Tournament – Final: Louis van Eden & Michael Kovac vs. Eiji Kuchinawa & German Kid\\
 +09. TAFKA Lightning Lei vs. Mallorca Sun\\
 +10. Mot van Kunder vs. Jody Fleisch\\
 +11. FCW Heavyweight Title: Mad Cow vs. Andy Don D’Angelo\\
 +12. Ulf Hermann vs. Mr. Vain\\
 +2 Discs - 195 minutes - Source: DVD